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2017 Hottest Summer Trend

Round Beach Towels / Mats / Throws

Round Beach Towels are finally hitting the US shores this Summer, literally!  Australian-born accessory has first hit the Instagram among fashion innovators and shared with early adapters throughout last winter and with warm season approaching us, it is the single-most sought after merchandise for boutique stores to carry.  

With ever-growing demand for these perfect summer accessories came numerous feedbacks requesting variety of different styles, materials, usage, and even sizes.  This guide is written in order to assist the new buyers as well as our seasoned members.  Please contact us if you have any other questions un-answered here.  Or perhaps if you'd like to see all of them in un-sorted manner, Click Here.


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A Comprehensive Guide To Round Beach Towels


Simple Comparison Chart

Texture Terry Cloth  Lightweight Viscose
Used to Dry
Used as Mat
Used as Throw
Worn as Roundie


Texture difference


A Major breakdown is texture.

Terry Cloth

All of our items advertised as "towels" are of terry cloth which is the same feel and texture of regular household bath towels.  These work best to dry yourself at the beach after a swim.  Versatility of the Terry Cloth towels can also be used best as a mat to accent the carpeted floor, at a patio, deck, and many other areas.  At homes, this can also be used as a throw on chairs, ottomans, and beds.  Some do use these as a wearable.  While this may be acceptable at a resort or a beach, we wouldn't paricularly recommend anyone to wear elsewhere.  After all, that's kind of like wearing bath towels to work..

The whole trend started with these terry towels and continue to be the best selling category.  We currently have 2 different thickness (=weight) variations of the towels.  The lighter ones that weigh about 13 ounces roll up to about 11 inches long and the other about 16 inches and weigh approximately 18 ounces.  See below for difference in volume when rolled up.


Difference in Thickness of Terry cloth towels comparison


 Terry Cloth Round Towels Compared

Thickness  Thicker(Heavier) Thinner(Lighter)
 Weight Avg. 18 ounces           Avg. 13 ounces         
 Length (Rolled up)        16 inches 11 inches


Viscose & Other Thin Throws

While Aussies have invented round towels, we in the United States came up with same concept with much lighter and thinner materials - viscose.  Whereas terry cloth towels feel well like a towel, these viscose throws are very smooth and silky to touch.

Fashion industry has long been using viscose materials for dresses and scarfs for years.  These throws have their own merits.  Because of the non-absorbing nature of the materials, they can't be used to dry yourself off, but because they are so light and thin, they work better as throws.  

Also because they are made of same materials used to make scarfs, they can be worn and styled as you would any scarfs.   Other materials in this category include cotton, satin, and polyester.


Variety of Viscose, Cotton, Polyester Round Beach Throws


Variety of Designs & Patterns

In an effort to stand out at the beach, eye-catching designs and themes are the best sellers.  We have different flavor donuts, pizza, burgers, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, ice cream, flamingo, lobsters (or crawfish) not to mention countless number of Mandela prints.  These designs are sure to please anyone.